Submitting digital (DPI) files

For general information about competitions see Competition Rules.

Entries are submitted online using the PhotoEntry system.  See Using PhotoEntry.


  1. Characteristics: DPI images may be colour, B&W, or a mixture.
  2. Number: Unless there are specific instructions for a competition, each member may submit up to 4 images. On PhotoEntry, make sure the images are in your order of importance (most important first) in case there are so many entries in a competition they have to be culled.  This normally happens if there are more than 55 entries.  You can reorder images on PhotoEntry (on the page where you enter images for the competition) by clicking the up and down arrows in the list of images you have entered.  If images have to be culled, they will be removed starting with each user's 4th entry.
  3. Title: Each image should have a title.  When an image is entered onto PhotoEntry, the system prompts you for the title.
  4. File names: Any file name can be used. The file should be a jpeg file (type .jpg or .jpeg) and not more than 10Mbyte in size.
  5. Image dimensions: For most competitions, any dimension is accepted.
  6. Check the colour space: It should be sRGB or have an embedded profile.

Further information and advice

  1. DPI’s should be optimized for projection (slightly stronger colours perhaps?). The photographer is responsible for ensuring that cropping, exposure, brightness, contrast, colour balance, saturation, sharpness etc. are appropriate for each image using image-editing software.  When projected, detail in parts of the image close to black are often lost, so a slight boost to shadows may help. 
  2. Images previously judged in an in-house competition (Prints or DPI) may not be entered in another in-house competition if they have already scored 19 or above. However, they may be submitted for consideration for Tripod competitions, or as a single print for the annual Dick Barton Cup (at the AGM). Total points awarded for all DPI images (total of Colour and Black & White submissions) obtained during our financial year (i.e. up to the October AGM), will determine the winners of the DPI category.
  3. Please do not enter undersized files (too few pixels), or the displayed quality suffers.  It is recommended that the width be at least 1920 pixels or the height be at least 1200 pixels (or both). 
  4. Note that the DPI (dots per inch) setting associated with your file has no relevance for projected images, (relevant only for prints).
  5. Files should be saved at a fairly high JPEG quality setting, but if the resulting file is greater than 10Mbyte, then try saving again at a slightly lower quality setting.
  6. Images may include a border.
  7. If the image colour space is not sRGB then it must contain an embedded profile (an embedded profile is good practice for all images).