Competition Rules

Amended 29th January 2019


  • All entries (both prints and DPI's) must be the members’ own work.
  • Members are assumed to have given permission for all their submitted digital images to be published on our web site or used in any publicity articles unless specifically notified to the chairman and web-site administrator in writing at each submission (email is acceptable). The club will take reasonable precautions to protect the members' copyright.

Print competition rules

  • Any member may enter up to 4 images in each internal print competition. Normally this would be no more than 2 print entries in the colour category, and 2 in the Black and white category. This gives a member the best chance of accumulating the greatest number of points during the course of the year (Nov to Oct) in both categories.
  • However, members may allocate 4 images to these two categories differently. For example all 4 might be entered into only the colour category. However, in such a case the scores for only 2 of the images in a category will be included in your annual totals, and you MUST declare which images are to be excluded from the totals BEFORE JUDGING TAKES PLACE.  
  • Please mark the reverse of your mount for any “Excluded” images with your normal 3 figure competition number followed by “X”. Failure to do this will result in only the two lowest scoring images being counted in your annual totals for a print category. Judges will award a mark for any images designated as “Excluded”, but it will not be recorded.
  • Black and white prints can have one colour added to them.
  • Prints should not exceed 40cm by 50cm including the mount.
  • All prints must be mounted - preferably including a backing board. The use of low tack masking tape is strongly discouraged as it does not remain adhered to mount board and damages other members work when mounts are stacked together in a pile during a competition. A backing board is much preferable instead.
  • Please ensure that the reverse of the mount does not contain any insecure sticky tape as this can damage others work when placed in a stack.
  • Any picture scoring 19 or 20 in an internal club competition may not be entered again in an internal club competition, but can of course still be entered in an inter-club battle, (such as a tripod), or an external competition or a club exhibition. Specific competitions such as the Dick Barton Cup may also allow any previously-entered picture.
  • All entries must be labelled on the reverse with your personal competition entry number, and an image title. All paid-up members are given a competition number.
  • You may wish to mark "This way up" on the reverse if there is room for doubt.
  • A separate "small colour prints" category is available if members wish to enter this instead of printing at larger sizes. The image size for this category is
    up to 7 inches by 5 inches maximum. The same mounting rules apply. A separate annual prize is available for this category if entered.
    Members cannot enter both Large Colour prints and Small colour prints in one competition.

DPI (digital) competitions

See Submitting digital files

Rules for the Dick Barton Cup.

The 'Dick Barton Cup' is nothing to do with the popular '50s radio serial but was donated
by an old member called - Dick Barton, who wanted the trophy to be for an annual one off competition.
The competition originally had its own evening with an invited judge, but in recent years has
been incorporated into the AGM evening with the members judging the entries.

The competition rules are different from the competitions qualifying for the other annual trophies
in that there are no separate categories. All are eligible and judged together.

  • Prints only – one print per member - which may have been previously shown in an in-house competition.
  • Any subject.
  • Colour or monochrome.

The system used to judge in previous years has been for each member present to be given a strip of paper, each member then puts this on the print that the member likes best.
Several rounds of elimination may be required to find the winner.