FPP test

Notes to this development site

The Framlingham Photo Project is now live on the Framlingham History Society website here. The galleries have been removed from this site and the links below may no longer work.

This is a test of a website for Framlingham Photo Project 2011. Very much work in progress.

I’d much appreciate comments, and especially any additional information from photographers involved in the 2011 project.

The metadata is rather messy, as we didn’t really know what we wanted to do with the images at the time we took them. I’ve done quite a bit of cleaning up, but there is more to do. In some cases the title is the same as the caption, so both appear below thumbnails, in other cases there may be no caption at all. Some of the photographers (no names, no pack drill) included no metadata, or worse: random (i.e. wrong) metadata. I’ve cleaned up what I noticed (and where I could divine what might be happening in the photo), and removed quite a few duplicates but there are still some left. Searching may not always be accurate. Apart from that it’s perfect.

How to use this archive

Click on any of the categories below, or choose “Search the archive”. Many categories contain a large number of images, and in some cases it may be easier to find things by searching for something more specific than the categories below.

Due to quirks in the gallery software, the search function returns more information than the category lists below. (Category lists show images with titles and captions, search results show all metadata; I’m investigating this and other display aspects.)


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