Example event

An example of an event. If we use the blog then we can separate “news” from “events”, as shown here. (Click “Continue reading” if “here” isn’t shown as a link). I included news and events (i.e. a blog) because the original site included this (probably only because the One Suffolk system included news and events calendars by default). I can add a calendar, but blogs and calendars look rather sad unless there are lots of events and news. And someone to keep them updated!

New web site

A new prototype website has been created. The previous website hosted on the old OneSuffolk server, now run by Community Action Suffolk, has not been updated for several years. The new prototype is built using WordPress technology, which will allow integration wih the MODES Online database search, allowing a search through the museum’s collection. Note that most of the news on this prototype site is old news from the previous site, included only for demonstration.


We have now acquired the long case clock made by Daniel Dickerson in Framlingham in 1780 from Mr Martin Bird of Banbury and it is now in the Museum for all to see. Does anyone know about Mr Dickerson making clocks in Framlingham in the 18th Century? We know a bit but would like to know more.

A Further Trustee Required

The Trustees of the Lanman Museum still have a vacancy for an additional trustee to participate in the governance, policy formulation and management of the Lanman Museum. The principal duties are to engage with fellow trustees in forward-planning for the Museum in all aspects of its activitites provide input as appropriate to the management decisions affecting the Museum attend regular meetings of the Trustee body (about six a year) and its Annual General Meeting participate in other occasional meetings (for example annual steward’s gathering) act as an advocate for the Museum and its services to external parties generally ensure with …

The Trustees of the Lanman Museum have a new Chairman

Bob Roberts has been the Chairman of the Museum’s Trustees for seven years. Earlier this year he made it known to the Trustees that he wished to stand down as Chairman but remain a Trustee. At the AGM held on the 26th Novemebr 2014 Trevor Jessop accepted the nomination to take over as Chairman and was duly elected by the Trustees. The Trustees would like to thank Bob for his stewardship and leadership over the past seven years and are pleased that he is willing to continue to provide his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the Museum by …

Friends of the Lanman Museum

The Trustees have agreed that it would be a good idea to set up a “Friends of the Lanman Museum” group and to this end a constitution of such a group is being drafted. If you would be interested in joining such a group please contact Trevor Jessop at Trevor Jessop. The constitution shall be posted on this website as soon as it has been agreed by the Trustees.