Access and other information

The Museum is located within Framlingham Castle on the first floor of the “Poorhouse” building.

There is no lift to this area and visitors are directed to visit the Museum at the end of the Castle’s ‘wall walk’, which is accessed by steep spiral stairs. Thus visitors who are unable or unwilling to partake in the ‘wall walk’ can miss the opportunity to visit the Museum. However access can be gained (with permission from a member of the English Heritage staff) by taking the (wooden) staircase by the one end of the shop.  This staircase forms part of the (one way) exit route from the ‘wall walk’ (a ‘no entry’ sign to this staircase prohibits normal access to the Museum).

English Heritage have longer term plans for a lift to the first floor of the Poorhouse building. 

Further information regarding access to the Castle can be found here.  Links to English Heritage pages change from time to time, and if any of the links on these pages do not work, try searching the main English Heritage site.