Ashfield in the Domesday Book

Land, livestock and people were well documented in 1086AD in the Domesday Book, and even argued over; see the section “Lands of the Bishop of Bayeux” below.

Lands of Earl Hugh


In Thorpe and in Ashfield 21 free men under the patronage of his [Earl Hugh’s] predecessor before 1066; 1 carucate of land and 14 acres.
A church, 12 acres.
Then 3 ploughs, now 2.
Meadow, 3 acres; woodland, 12 pigs
Value then 40s; now 30.

The jurisdiction is half the Abbot’s [of Ely] and half the Earl’s.  Ashfield has 1 league in length and 7 furlongs in width; 20d in tax.  Others hold there.
Hugh son of Norman holds all this from the Earl.

In Thorpe Oslac, a free man under patronage; 10 acres.
Value 2s

Lands of Robert Malet in Suffolk


In Thorpe Godwin, a free man under patronage, held 16 acres before 1066.  Now Walter holds it from Robert Malet.
Value then 32d; now 3s.
This land is in the manor of Bedingfield.  The jurisdiction is the Abbot’s.


In Ashfield 3 men under patronage; 15 acres.  Always ½ plough.
Value 5s
Gilbert holds this.  The Abbot [of Ely] and Earl Hugh have jurisdiction.

In Thorpe 1 free man under patronage; 3 acres
Value 10d.
The jurisdiction is held in the same way.  Gilbert also holds this.

In Ashfield Thorbern held 20 acres.  He could not sell them.  It is included the valuation of Soham.
The jurisdiction is held the same way.

In Thorpe 1 free man under sub-patronage; 5 acres.  Then ½ plough, now 2 oxen.
Value 16d.
The Abbot of Ely has the jurisdiction.  Tiger holds.

In Thorpe 1 free man under sub-patronage; 10 acres.
Value 20d.
William Goulafre holds this.  The Abbot has jurisdiction.

Land of St Edmund’s


In Thorpe 2 free men under patronage; 6 acres of land.
Value 16d
St Edmund’s has jurisdiction over one and St Ethelreda’s over the other.

Lands of the Bishop of Bayeux


In Ulverstone the same Godwy; 15 acres in 1066; and in Ashfield 8 acres.
Always 3 smallholders; 1 plough.


In Ashfield Snaring the priest, a free man in the jurisdiction and patronage of the Abbot; 30 acres.
Always 2 smallholders.  1 plough.
Value 10s.
Walter of Dol was in possession of this priest when he forfeited his land, and afterwards Earl Hugh, as the Hundred testifies.  And Norman [or Northman, the sherrif] says that the King sent him a writ that he should put Ralph of Savenay in possession of all the free men of whom Hubert of Port had put the Bishop in possession.  And so Norman put Ralph in possession of that priest; but however he does not know whether Hubert had first put the Bishop in possession of him.  And the King’s Barons kept the peace on this between Roger Bigot and the Earl Hugh when they came into the County; and so it shall be at peace until there is a judgement.

Suffolk Lands of St Ethelreda’s


In Ashfield 1 free man under jurisdiction and patronage; ½ acres.
Value 8d.

In Thorpe Alsi, a free man under jurisdiction and patronage; 10 acres.
Value 20d.

Lands of Humphrey the Chamberlain


In Ashfield 2 free men; 4 acres;
Value 8d.
The jurisdiction is the Abbot’s.

Lands of Hervey of Bourges


In Ashfield Godman, a free man under the patronage of Robert Malet [predecessor Edric of Laxfield] before 1066; as a manor, 30 acres.  1 smallholder.  Then 1 plough, later nothing, now ½ plough.
A church, 4 acres.
Value 10s.
Ranulf holds.
The jurisdiction (belonged to) the Abbot [of Ely] and to Earl Hugh’s predecessor.
William Malet was in possession of these two manors on the day of his death.
In the same, 1 free man; 2 acres.
Value 4d.
The jurisdiction is the Abbot’s